Arrow-Right  Xpress Digital Printing is started in 2000 Arrow-Right  founded by Mrs. Sujatha 

Arrow-Right  up to date latest equipment  Arrow-Right  95% staff are women, 

Arrow-Right  quality and dedication Arrow-Right  Xpress Digital Lables has expanded to several branches in twin cities

About Us

Xpress Digital Printing is started in 2000 founded by Mrs. Sujatha started her activities single handedly, during 2000 to 2016.She have been association of remarkable achievement that the staff are reached 50 in head office itself. Now Xpress Digital Lables has expanded to several branches in twin cities and Xpress Digital Print clients are in several hundreds because of the organization principles , quality and dedication.

It is notable thing that 95% staff are women, successfully running things . The features of Xpress Digital Lables includes up to date latest equipment with excellent services. Xpress Digital Lables now more reachable to you with online support for its various up coming services.


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Skilled Women Employment

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Latest Equipment

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Our Staff:

Xpress Digital Lables

H.No..5-13, Road No.1 ,
Krishana Nagar Colony, Moula-ali , Hyderabad- 500040.
Phone: 040 48534455 ,
9100009155, 9989791144
9542692627, 9347226485
7893446262, 8639776191

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